Upcoming talks:

      Nothin’ on the menu. Stay tuned :)

Past talks:

September 2013: Monitorama EU Berlin, Germany

      “MOM! my algorithms SUCK”    Slides  Video

July 2013: NYC Data Engineering Meetup New York City

      “A Deep Dive into Monitoring with Skyline” | Slides | Video

June 2013: Velocity Santa Clara, California

      “Bring the Noise: Making Effective Use of a Quarter Million Metrics” | Slides

May 2013: OpenVisConf Boston, Massachusetts

      “Data Visualization in the Trenches” | Slides | Video

May 2013: RICON East New York City

      “Gifs as Language” | Slides | Video

April 2013: BACON London, England

      “Bring the Noise: Continuously Deploying Under a Hailstorm of Metrics” | Slides | Video

November 2012: Business of APIs Conference London, England

      “Your API is a Product” | Slides

October 2012: Ignite 15 at Strata New York City

      “Zen and the Art of Writing Commit Logs” | Slides | Video